The Yuvid Player can adapt to smaller devices. For example, if a video size is defined as 640x360 pixels in the Configuration Tool Settings, but the device screen is only 320 pixels in width, the player width will be adjusted to 320 pixels or less. 

In order enable this feature, the "Responsive" check box should be checked in the Configuration Tool Settings (checked by default). Responsive options in the Yuvid Player are applicable to both YouTube and HTML5 videos.

If the feature does not appear to work properly:

  1. Re-save the video in the Configuration Tool.
  2. Re-paste the code into the final Web Page.
  3. Clean your browser's cached files to make sure the new settings are in effect.
  4. If the player size does not look right, make sure your browser zoom level is set to 100%
  5. In some cases, because of third-party issues, such as HTML code on the Web Page where the Yuvid Player is embedded, the player size on some devices is not what's expected. In that case you can try to limit the player width to a certain percentage of the screen width. Go to Actions->Player Margins in the Configuration Tool, enable the "Responsive by screen size" check box, then adjust the maximum percentage.