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I am using Weebly builder for a website. I embeded the video and some photos as a testimony under the video. There is a HUGE space in between the video and the testimonies. On a desktop its fine. Its only on mobile that this large empty space shows up. They said it has something to do on Yuvids end. Could I get some help?
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Hi Scoey,

Can you add CSS or Javascript with Weebly builder?

With CSS, you could add something like:

@media screen and (max-device-width:480px), screen and (max-width:480px) {

 #yuvid_wrapper {

       height: 270px;


 #yuvid_iframe {

 height: 270px;



With Javascript, you could add a function:

function autoResize(){

    var yuvidIframe = document.getElementById('yuvid_iframe');

    var width = yuvidIframe.offsetWidth; = (width / 16 *9) + 'px' ;

    yuvidIframe.height = ;

    document.getElementById('yuvid_wrapper').style.height =;


To the page, and then add:




to the iframe tag. 

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