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Saving Settings including Opt In Template

Hi Steve,

I just started using Yuvid after purchasing it months ago. It's great! I'm loading a series of "Day in the Life" vids weekly and they all need the same settings and the same opt in. It would be super helpful to be able to choose my preferred settings once, including the opt in template.

The thing that always holds me up with video is the niggly details. It's taking me too much time to type the same stuff in with each video and would be so much easier if I could just do it once and then just paste my S3 and YouTube code.



I received an email that a ticket that I submitted on this issue was handled. However, I don't see any changes with the Opt In Template. Can you let me know what is happening with setting up the option to save an Opt In Template? This would make this option so much more efficient. Thanks!

Hi Amelia,

We have added "Clone video configuration" functionality on the home page of Yuvid config tool.

Look for "clone" links in the right column of the table.

That includes Opt In settings.



Hi Alex,

This is awesome! I look forward to using this new cloning tool. It's going to save a ton of headache.



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